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Stay up to date with the latest product changes for Checkout Components, a Shopify Plus app that allows you to customize your checkout experience without writing code.

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Radio upsell

A new upsell type that was built specifically for handling donations (or any product you think would look good in a radio group). This upsell type is a radio group that allows the customer to select one of the products variants.


  • Now accept donations or tips in checkout with Upsell Components.
  • Bonus update: New upsell components can choose how variant selectors are displayed on mobile. Inline or stacked.

Upsell components

Upsell components have been updated. Some notable features include better styling, variant selection updates the thumbnail image of the upsell, button control and much more!

This update also includes a bunch of quality of life updates which can be found below.


  • Upsell components:
    • Button control
    • Wrap component in a border
    • Variant selection updates the thumbnail image
    • Load speed opimisation
    • New admin UI
    • Upsells created on previous version have a deprecation notice
  • Input components are collapsible
    • Hide input components behind a checkbox.. Great for forms!
  • Line item highlights can now be text or a tag
  • New billing page
  • Free plans no longer need to accept a test charge

New Input Component: Radio options

More input variants! Merchants can now add radio options to their input components. There are two supported styles, plain and grouped. Grouped can be seen in the above screenshot of the new component. Whereas plain will show the options in a more simple user interface.

Radio options are excellent for a required choice from the customer, such as authority to leave choices, or gift wrapping options.


  • Input Component: Radio options
  • Two styles: plain and grouped
  • Required choice from the customer
  • Input Component form in app updated

Responsive UI for Upsell Components

This is particularly useful for merchants who have products with variants and longer product names. Option selection is now on a new row next to the add to cart button. Products are also separated by a divder to make it easier to see where one product ends and another begins.


  • Responsive UI

New Input Components

In the latest release, Input Components have been completely overhauled. In this update, merchants can now have multiple fields in a single Input Component.

With this update, there is an increase in usability and will support further development of new Input Component templates. To begin with, merchants have access to Gift Notes, Terms agreement and a blank template. Where they can create whatever they like.

Existing Input components, have been marked as deprecated. Merchants will see this when they visit older Input Components and are prompted to move to the new system.


  • New UI for Input Components
  • Input component templates
  • Input components can have many fields
  • More control over input fields, including access to regex, custom lines, custom helptext and more.
  • Upsell and Content component modals have been replaced with a new UI.

Upsells can be paginated

Upsell components, regardless of their source can now be paginated. The component will show three products at a time, and if there are more products returned by the APIs the component is connected to, it will show a next and previous button allowing customers to discover more recommendations.

To make the most of this, the product quantity will need to be set when editing / creating an Upsell Component to be more than 3 (the default).


  • Upsells can now be paginated

Upsells powered by Shopify Collections

Merchants can now select one or more collections that upsell components should source products from. This can be used effectively when running a sale on specific collections.


  • All upsell component variants now can be powered by Shopify Collections.

Date pickers now support blocked days

Input Components that use date pickers can now block specific days of the week. This can be used to prevent customers from selecting days that are not available for delivery or collection.


  • Specific days of the week can now be disabled in the date picker on Checkout.
  • This can be used in combination to buffer days.

Shopify Markets integration

Merchants can now show components to customers in specific Shopify Markets. Target specific countries or groups of countries and show important information, or ask for more information via input components.


  • All components can be published to specific or all Shopify Markets.

Algolia integration for upsell components

Algolia can now be integrated with Checkout Components 🎉.

This means that merchants can now use Algolia to power their upsell components. This is a huge step forward in the flexibility of the platform and will allow merchants to use Algolia to power their upsell components.


  • Upsells can be powered by Algolia Recommend via app settings.
  • All tracking events Algolia requires are catered for.